Vehicle Windshield Care Recommendations To Protection And Repair

Vehicle maintenance and replacing damage to your vehicle is a big part of life when you want to keep your vehicle safe and working as it needs to. The position of your vehicle's windshield puts it in a direct position to sustain damage from debris on the road. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your vehicle windshield in great shape and protected against damage that can occur with a rock chip and cracking.

Plan For Windshield Care

When you drive on the roads through the US, there can be all types of road damage and conditions on the roads that put your vehicle's windshield at risk of cracks and damage. A windshield rock chip can easily lead to a crack through the entire window soon after, so if you experience a rock chip, have it filled immediately. 

If you do a lot of freeway driving in your vehicle, you may consider an insurance coverage that pays for full windshield replacement. You can add this to your vehicle insurance policy to protect your vehicle's windshield when it needs replacement.

Hire a Professional Windshield Service

As soon as your windshield experiences damage, be sure you arrange for a professional windshield replacement. They can provide mobile service in many situations, so you can have your windshield replaced while you are at work or at home. The windshield technician will remove your old windshield and clean up any broken shards of glass. However, keep in mind that they might miss some pieces, so always use care when you first drive your vehicle.

Follow-Up With Post-Installation Guidelines

After your new vehicle windshield has been installed you should take some specific measures for the first few days to keep it protected against damage. The new windshield has been placed into your vehicle with moldings that seal the windshield in place, so you need to allow it to cure for up to two days before you remove the retention tape. Also, keep your vehicle windows cracked a half inch so when you shut your vehicle doors, the change in air pressure does not damage the windshield's new seal. 

Avoid running your vehicle through a car wash for the first few days or using high-pressure water on the windshield. This can shift the windshield within the attaching moldings and make your windshield look a little uneven. If the weather is hot and sunny, avoid using a sunshade inside your vehicle's windshield because this can cause you to accidentally push up against the windshield and loosen its seal.